A Forest to be Reckoned With

You have noticed by now that we really, really love National Parks. We love riding through them, we love climbing in them, camping in them, hiking in them, cycling through them, and swimming in them. Our parents love them, our dogs love them - everyone we know loves them.

Photo by Genevieve Davis

We are not sure, however, that everyone we know who loves them understands what it takes to maintain them. That aside, we are almost positive that not everyone understands the threat that our National Monuments are under. We find our best work is done when we think globally, and act locally - so we focus on the protection of and education about our home, our treasure - the San Gabriel National Monument.

This area that accounts for 70% of the Los Angeles area's wild space only found protection FOUR years ago - and as highlighted in the above links, is being threatened by our current administration. 

While yes, celebrating and playing within this National Monument is wonderful - it doesn't take nothing to keep it alive & protected. Money might be the root of all evil most of the time - but money keeps rangers and National Forest Service workers able to protect this place. In turn, millions of crucial species of plants and animals can thrive, thus giving us the land that pumps blood into the heartbeat of our cities.

Thus, A Forest to be Reckoned With came to life. Newcomb's Ranch has always been a favorite for bikers, cyclists, and wilderness lovers, so we partnered with them to create a totally unique, fun, and beneficial fundraising event.

Hundreds of riders and nature enthusiasts will climb an hour into Angeles National Forest to support it, celebrate it, and protect it. Our sponsor, the Law Tigers have made this ALL possible, we can't thank or hype them enough. We have some of the most awesome local vendors we know. Click photos to see more!


We also got some really badass bands to play.


Raffle donations keep coming - including the likes of Atwyld, P & Co., and Biltwell, you can expect some really dope stuff - with 100% of raffle proceeds going to the National Parks Foundation.

Follow our Instagram for info on a group ride up through the forest to the event, hosted by the Litas!

Beyond ALL the support we already have - we need more! We need VOLUNTEERS! Please consider signing up, as many have offered their support - yet perhaps don't have the financial ability nor the ability to be a vendor, donate to the raffle, etc. This is the perfect way to help - and it won't cost you a cent. Come out, help out. Please fill out the form below to sign up!

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