A Forest to be Reckoned With; in Review

You may have seen one of our MANY social media posts about our third and biggest fundraiser, A Forest to be Reckoned With. WELL, we did it . . not without a TON of help.

Photo by EL3 Productions
Photo by Kimberly Ann

Newcomb's Ranch went above and beyond the call of duty, donating a large portion of their proceeds, as well as being wildly accommodating to us and basically allowing us to do whatever it took to pull this thing off. You can always bet that riding to and patronizing this establishment is beneficial to the National Forest AND our community - so please keep supporting this institution.

Photo by EL3 Productions

We had over 20 vendors, four bands, a raffle with amazing prizes, FREE Baskin Robbins ice cream (also donated by Newcomb's), not to mention a ride hosted by our local Litas chapter, and delicious barbeque. 

We raised over $2,000 for The National Parks Foundation. We were graced by the presence of some insanely talented photographers (John Hebert, EL3 Productions, and Kimberly Ann Photography).

Photo by John Hebert

Our vendors included:

Wild Dogs Co. (obviously)
LAW TIGERS (sponsor)
Vinyl Cosmetics
Maus Taus
Blackcat Motorcycles & Coffee
Jackalope Trading Co.
Lucky Wheels Garage
Dainese of Orange County
She Wolf Moto Co.
Hinterland Empire
Stellar Moto Brand
Jada & John
Biker Gear Club
Adele by Adele Jackson
Red Wing Heritage
Tanya Bert
Riot Cycles
PS Kaufman


Photo of Nick of Blackcat Motorcycles & Coffee by John Hebert

Each of these treasures MADE the event, they were so patient and kind. I know that I was not the most patient or kind at times - this was by far the biggest production I (Genevieve) have put on, as well as a test to my newfound leadership skills. You can bet your bottom dollar I that learned invaluable lessons, gained crucial tools that will inevitably make our next events stronger and even more successful. I apologize to anyone who took a snap or a jab from me - my anxiety and pressure to do a good job occasionally clouds my ability to "take it easy" (despite the phrase being tattooed on my arm) and have a good time. One step at a time, eh?

Anyway. We had FOUR musical acts, who not only sounded amazing but were brilliant personalities who we loved having there.
Desure by John Hebert
Leggy Peggy by John Hebert
Nightingale Rodeo by John Hebert
Nightingale Rodeo by Kimberley Ann
Nicholas Mudd Band by John Hebert
Nicholas Mudd Band by Kimberley Ann

VOLUNTEERS! We had about five amazing volunteers selflessly sign up - and they were the real heroes of this thing. They took my shit, they stood on the front lines and did the crap that isn't pretty or particularly rewarding (like parking, helping set up EZ up tents, that kind of glamorous work). 

By John Hebert

The ride up started out a foggy/misty/rainy one - but as riders climbed in elevation, they broke through the clouds into a boundless and clear blue sky. I think it did deter some riders from coming up - but even better on those it didn't scare off. We see you!

By EL3 Productions

By John Hebert

So, THANK YOU to everyone who showed up, vendors, bands, volunteers, and guests. It was not a quick ride or drive down the street, and your presence meant everything to us. At times it was hard for me not to get choked up - which may have been attributed to the exhaustion, but I think was more directly correlated with an immense sensation of gratitude. Not only did every dollar spent help out our nation's wild lands - but every face who showed up meant everything to me, personally. 

-Genevieve Mariani
Artist/CEO/Wild Dogs Co. in entirety 


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