Behold, the beginning!

Here we have it, the very . . . second beginning of Wild Dogs Co.! Back when I did not know how to make my own website - I posted this blog describing our intentions. Well, now we have three shirts and one patch (two items being brand new) to kick things off.

I have to say, I am quite anxious - being that I quit my job and put all my money into this . . . and as rocky as the beginning is, that's how it's supposed to be. My friends and family are confident that I'll do fine. Between panic attacks and sudden awakenings in the night, I am reassured by their faith in me.

Anyway, our first two designs are "Toby" and "Our Father." Toby is, of course, designed after my TOBY! He is guy who inspired me to begin working with traumatized dogs & wolves. 

The "Our Father" design is a portrait of my hero, John Muir. I've always been quite taken with him and his work for the National Parks, but since I've become a rock climber - I am all the more enthralled with him.

While I could on and on about all the wheres and whys - I simply wanted to introduce myself, my fears, and my product. I am Genevieve Mariani - creator of Wild Dogs Co., which is very much a start-up, but I promise we won't be boring by any means. Stay tuned and join the adventure!

Photo by Howl & Rose www.howlandrose.comPhoto by Howl & Rose

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