Song Dog Illustration Class

I am a person who does things. All my jobs allow me to be of service, I volunteer and donate when possible, and I help other women in recovery from drugs and alcohol (if you aren't aware, I've been sober almost seven years).

I KNOW that by staying in my house and isolating, I am currently being of GREAT service - however, it doesn't always feel that way. In fact, it feels like my dreams, ambitions, and goals have been put on an indefinite hold. My passion, however, has not. 

Now, my job is to combat my anxieties, depression, and fear (it all comes down to fear, ultimately) to let those passions blossom and take new form. Thus, came my first digital class. I am a teacher, I love teaching. I am an artist, I believe that through art we can not only heal and process, but prosper and thrive.

Coyotes represent adaptability, curiosity, and community. Not only are these qualities that I think are more important now than ever, but currently, a visible rewilding is taking place. 

There are more fish in the canals of Venice than ever, the pollution of our air has decreased significantly, but in my personal world - I'm seeing a coyote almost every night on my street. Due to less vehicular traffic, the song dogs are free to run wild in the streets! Thus, we celebrate with this painting. 

I will be offering a new painting class every Saturday at 11am PDT for the foreseeable future. Donations are welcome, but not at ALL required. Money is scarce everywhere right now, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Sharing the posts and sharing YOUR artwork is just as valuable as a monetary donation. 

Below is a list of suggested supplies for the watercolor painting class, but as I will continue to remind you, use what you have. I'd rather you just do the drawing portion, if you don't have paint, than not join in at all! I'll offer drawing classes in the near future, as well as a kids' class on Fridays. Please see my Instagram page for updates. 

Cheap & introductory supplies:

Along with a brush and a paint set, all you need is a cup for water, a small towel, and a small extra piece of white scrap paper.
Here are some examples of work that students produced from the first virtual class!

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