Ventura Highway: This Town Don't Look Good in Snow

About four months ago I was introduced to Cadence. She is an extremely talented photographer, and beautiful soul. We decided to plan a shoot together along the Pacific Coast Highway. I got a few of my ladies together, and we planned to meet up in Malibu, ride across the Ventura County line, and shoot along the way.

Photo by Cadencia Photography

We planned this prior to the eruption of the horrific Thomas Fire. On the date of the shoot, it was raging at its peak. As I rode out, I saw a massive cloud of smoke in the exact direction of my destination.

It just so happened that at this moment, while riding upon the Ventura Highway, America's "Ventura Highway" came on inside my helmet speakers. My heart strings were tugged upon. My love for this place, my gratitude, and my fear of any damage coming to it, all surfaced at once. 

The visuals in the song, how spot on they are - hit me hard. 

"Cause the free wind is blowin' through your hair, and the day surrounds your daylight there . . . "

Photo by Cadencia Photography


I became wildly inspired make an illustration that captured the feeling, the sound, the smells. Thus, the Ventura Highway piece was born. And yes, those are "alligator lizards in the air."


"Where the days are longer, the nights are stronger than moonshine . . . "

Now, it was shortly thereafter that Wild Dogs Co. decided to take the plunge and buy our own screenprinting press and equipment. We had a only small amount of experience, so this was a bit scary for us. It wasn't until just this week that we had the funds and wherewithal to actually begin printing.

There were certainly a few casualties, but together and with some help from our friends at Hinterland Empire, we pulled through to create some beautiful, high quality shirts.

Now, we may or may not print more of these, but we will certainly be printing all our own designs in the future. We only use environmentally-friendly and non-toxic products, not only for the good of our beautiful planet, but because our studio is in our home. 

We hope those who ordered these shirts enjoy them as much as we do! Although this was our first batch - these are the highest quality shirts we've made yet! And our others are pretty off the charts . . .  And remember, these were made with a particularly increased amount of love.

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