What are Wild Dogs?!

People keep asking me about the name of this company. So far I've gotten a handful of people asking me, "so . . . you just really like dogs?" WELL YES, but that's not exactly where the name comes from. My favorite was question was, "where do you keep the dogs?" I suppose there's some truth in these inquiries, and the idea behind Wild Dogs Co. is that it one day becomes a dog or animal rescue - but right now we are simply a clothing line with artistic and altruistic motives.

SO, where did the name come from? Well, I've been an artist since I was young, and I still possess many of my finer works from childhood. I have been intrigued and obsessed with apex predators for as long as I can remember, namely wolves, coyotes, and all kinds of "wild dogs." Years ago, I came across this gem:

When I saw it, my heart swelled and I couldn't stop laughing. Who is that doggo? Why did I write "wild dogs" in the corner? I am not sure at what age I created this masterpiece, I assume I was quite young. I thought to myself that this had to be something one day. When the time came to open up shop, this was the only answer for the shop name. 

Thus, this is the original Wild Dog. He embodies the spirit of the brand and our work with animals. Stay tuned for more information, stories, etc.


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