Wilderness Painting

When I first moved to California, I got a job as an art teacher. I went to art school, and I'm an illustrator and painter - but never imagined myself much of a teacher. I quickly learned I love working with young adults, showing people their potential and the magic of art was a power greater than I ever imagined.

Back then, I had the idea for a "wilderness painting" class - teaching from a reference that you are fully immersed in, celebrating the National Forest that has healed me and embraced me. I have tears in my eyes as I type this - if you have read any of our past blog posts, you know how much the Angeles National Forest means to us.

Well, I finally did it. After a lot of following - I found the courage to take the lead. I learned from others how to take control, without stifling the power of the universe and its intentions for me. Thus, Wilderness Painting was born.

I gathered some of my number one supporters to take my first class - and my beautiful friend Yelena photographed it. AirBnb graciously accepted us into their "experiences" category. I am so floored that this is real - and beyond excited to share this gift with the rest of the world. Travellers and locals alike can get a one of a kind experience, simultaneously educational, healing, and fun.

Not only will you make your own watercolor painting to keep, but you'll get to experience a mediation, a short hike, and learn about this perfect, wild land.

Please book your Wilderness Painting class HERE!

All photos in this article by Monster.Rally

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  • Do you provide the paints/easels/paper etc?

    rhea cutillo

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